Four Places To Get Some Of The Best Food In Iowa City IA

The Best Food In Iowa

Four Places To Get Some Of The Best Food In Iowa City IA

Finding your way around Iowa City is going to be fun. Yet you could always use some navigational help, pointing you to the best places to eat, right? If you’re wanting some advice about what’s good to eat in the area, I’ve got some great picks for you. The following are four of Iowa City’s best restaurants, and I think you’re going to like what you find.

First up is a place to order up a pizza that looks so delicious, it makes me want to get one myself. I’m a little far away from Iowa City though, so you’re going to have to be the one that enjoys this pizza. The Airliner is located at 22 South Clinton Street, and it’s more than just about the pizza there. The pizza pies look delicious, but you can also have sandwiches, including cheeseburgers, chili and other great foods. Thursday night is said to be a special time to visit this restaurant.

There are some great barbecue restaurants in Iowa City, and I’ve got one picked out for you right now. It’s called Pop’s BBQ, and the address for the dining establishment is 130 North Dubuque Street. Enjoy brisket, barbecue sandwiches, burnt ends and all kinds of great barbecue menu items. Jimmy Jack’s is another popular barbecue restaurant in the city, and people make comparisons between the two in the reviews.

Perhaps you might want to try them both out and make some comparisons, too. Or maybe you’re going to be in the mood for this next restaurant, which is Los Agaves Mexican Grill. If you have been following my reviews of Iowa City restaurants, then you know that there is great Mexican food served up at multiple places. Los Agaves Mexican Grill is a great pick, and people mention it features a great atmosphere and excellent food. The restaurant is located at 2208 North Dodge Street in Iowa City.

Formosa is a great choice, and this Japanese restaurant is located at 221 East College Street. Are you ready to order up some delicious sushi rolls? This restaurant is located in the downtown area of Iowa City, and the Las Vegas Roll is said to be one of the best on the menu.

The menus of all of these restaurants sound delightful, don’t they? You’re just a short drive away from some of the best food in Iowa City. What’s it going to be today?