Dine On Delicious Food At These Four Restaurants In Iowa City

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Dine On Delicious Food At These Four Restaurants In Iowa City

What Iowa City restaurants have you visited? I’m bringing four great picks to the table that are going to wow you. Hopefully, you find yourself sitting at a table at one of these wonderful restaurants. You will definitely be delighted to look at one of the menus of these featured restaurants in Iowa City, Iowa.

Sun Cafe is located at 1681 South 1st Avenue, and it’s one of those hole in the wall dining establishments. Aren’t they the best? You’re going to really like what you end up discovering at Sun Cafe. Order up a beef pie, spring rolls, shrimp and much more when you wind up at this dining establishment. You’re going to have an enjoyable meal, and people say the pho is delicious.

Mill Restaurant is also one of the best, and its location is 120 East Burlington Street. People say that the place has quite a beer selection, and the black bean burger makes the highlights. Honestly, for a place known for its beer, I was quite surprised to see the black bean burger featured so prominently. People say that this restaurant is quite cozy, serves up great food and is known for featuring live music at times.

Billy’s High Hat Diner is another wonderful pick, and you’re going to find it at 630 Iowa Avenue. Do you like chicken and waffles? It is supposed to be one of the best types of comfort food, and this place serves up a delicious hash and eggs according to reviews, too. Expect to find an old family style restaurant, and patio dining is available as well.

Then there is Moonrakers. Moonrakers is known for serving up some of the best burgers in town according to reviews. People also say that you can order up great Korean barbecue tacos there, too. You will find Moonrakers at 126 East Washington Street. It’s also a great place for ordering up some delicious craft beer as well. According to reviews, the restaurant is upstairs, atop 126, another popular dining establishment in the area.

Now you know where to go when you’re looking to dine out in Iowa City. You’re not going to have any problems discovering one of the best places to eat. It’s going to be fun as you make your way around. Pick a spot, and enjoy a good meal. In fact, you might want to stop by all four of these great restaurants.